Adult High School

Adult Ed (AE) High School classes are designed for people who have already withdrawn from high school and have completed almost all of the classes they need to graduate.

Through these classes students earn credits needed to earn their high school diploma.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn credits?

You earn credits by taking classes. We offer core classes in Math, English, Science and Social Studies as well as a few elective credits. Most classes are offered two ways:

1) by computer in the classroom, with an instructor

2) on your own computer

An online teacher is available via email for your questions. Students may also come to ACE to work with certified teachers during the teacher’s regularly scheduled hours.

How long does it take to complete a class?

You work at your own pace. If you happen not to finish a class this school year, you can return in the summer or next year to finish. We keep your work for 12 months. Generally it takes a semester to earn a half credit. You may take one or two classes at a time.

How can ACE help me if all I need to earn my high school diploma is to pass my state-wide assessment/test?

If a student has earned  all course credits but has not passed an EOC  and/or the FSA assessment, then they can take the makeup tests at ACE twice a year, if that is their only requirement in order to receive their high school diploma. For more information, contact Lisa Jones at [email protected] or 850-717-2031.

What is the cost?

Classes are $40 per term. You can take as many classes as you can complete during the term for the same tuition. Tuition can be paid in cash, money order, credit or debit card.

ACE Refund Policy: New students enrolling in Adult High School Credit Classes may withdraw and be entitled to a 100% refund if it is requested during the original orientation week. For returning students, no refunds will be given. Tuition will not be refunded if the student is withdrawn for disciplinary reasons.

How do I get started?

If you need four or fewer credits to finish your diploma, contact your last high school, ask them to send you an official copy of your transcript and FCAT or FSA ELA scores and then call ACE Student Services (850-717-2020) to make an appointment to get registered for classes. If you need more than four credits, we recommend that you call Student Services and speak to our counselor before requesting your transcript. Our  counselor can help you determine which of our programs is the best path for you to take to earn your high school diploma.

When can I begin?

You may start your class throughout the regular school year (August-May). We generally have summer school classes in June. If you are interested in the summer session, please call ACE before June.

Is there a graduation ceremony for me when I earn my diploma?

Yes, each May we have a traditional commencement ceremony where you will be invited to participate if you have earned your high school diploma within the past year. It is a very nice ceremony and family and friends enjoy celebrating and honoring graduates along with their teachers and administrators.

For more information, contact:

Contact us at  850-717-2020  or e-mail us at [email protected]