Career Pathways

Our Career Pathways program is designed to help guide students in their next career or educational pursuits following ACE. Our experienced Career Pathways adviser helps students who aren’t sure of their next step explore career options and learn what it takes to pursue them. For students who already know what they want to do after gaining skills and credentials from ACE, our adviser assists them in completing applications and paperwork for grants and scholarships when applicable. Our adviser can also assist students seeking jobs and help connect them to community resources for finding work and preparing for a fulfilling and rewarding career that can provide financially for them and their families.

Every student will be introduced to Career Pathways during Orientation. Based on students’ practice test scores and progression in class, teachers will refer students for an appointment with the Career Pathways adviser. Students seeking employment, or who want to explore careers before they are referred, are also welcome to make an appointment with Mrs. Jones. During their meetings students will work on a career portfolio, complete college and financial aid applications, job applications and any other requirements to successfully transition to post-secondary schools or into a career.

More than half of ACE graduates immediately transition to a community or technical college or university. The adviser’s services are still available to graduates as long as needed. 

Click the video above to learn about educational and career options when you graduate.

Resources to explore your next step into a rewarding career.

If you are exploring career options:

If you are searching for a job?

If you are looking for financial aid information