Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for GED® Prep Classes

How long does it take to complete the GED® classes?

The goal of our classes is to prepare each student with the knowledge and skills needed to pass the GED® test and earn a Florida high school diploma. Since each student starts with a different set of knowledge and skills and works at their own pace, some students are able to prepare in less than one term and others take several terms or longer.

Our goal is to help students prepare in as little time as possible. During Orientation class each student takes a test that allows our teachers to see what they know and what they need to learn. This enables teachers to develop individualized learning plans to help streamline learning so students get lessons they need and minimize lessons on material they already know.

A major factor in the length of time it takes to successfully prepare for the GED® test is a student’s time and energy they put into the class. Those with higher attendance and who are willing to work at home and stay focused throughout their classes make the fastest progress. Our Orientation teacher will provide tips that will assist students in being more successful in class.

When can I start?

We make it easy to start when you need us and are ready. Students can begin most Tuesdays throughout the school year. (See our calendar.) We are a Leon County school and follow the Leon County Schools calendar. While you can start most weeks the tuition is the same at any time of enrollment so you get the most for your money by beginning early in the term.

What is the first step to enroll?

Attend Orientation classes.

Be early to classes. Space is limited and classes fill up, especially during the first part of the each term.

What forms of identification are accepted to enroll?

Any type of government-issued ID is accepted for enrollment. This is a state of Florida requirement to register for adult education GED® classes. Examples of acceptable IDs include a driver’s license, a state ID or passport.

How can I get my GED® transcript or an extra copy of my high school diploma?

ACE GED® Prep classes prepare students to pass the national GED® test and the Florida Department of Education issues the high school diploma so these organizations keep the transcript and diploma records. Immediately after students pass the GED® test they receive a free electronic diploma and transcript download links at the e-mail associated with the GED® account. Those links are only available for a limited time so the transcript and diploma need to be downloaded as soon as possible.

You can request the transcript at: or the diploma at:

Who has to attend Orientation classes?

All GED® Prep students must attend Orientation unless they are a returning student from the previous semester.

If you have other questions, you may call 850-717-2020 or e-mail them to [email protected]