ACE--Where Adults in Leon Come to Earn
a High School Diploma

ACE–Where Adults in Leon County Come to Earn a High School Diploma

Thousands of students of all ages and at all stages of life have reached their goal of earning a high school diploma through Adult & Community Education, also known as ACE. Students can start most Tuesdays through our Orientation/Registration Classes.

ACE is the largest provider of GED® classes in Leon County and accepts students at all academic levels. Our classes are designed to take students wherever they are academically and help them get where they want to be. From students who recently left high school, to working mothers and retired grandfathers, our students gain the reading, writing and math skills to improve their lives. We also help students pass the GED® test to earn a state of Florida High School diploma if that’s their goal. In addition, students find encouragement, understanding and support to make progress. More than half of our graduates immediately go on to attend college or a technical school. Our alumni are school teachers, nurses, mechanics and business leaders in our community.

We hope you’ll be our next success story! Click on the link Our Students’ stories and see how ACE has helped others.

You can do it!

ACE is Leon County’s leader in

GED® prep for a high school diploma

ACE is Leon County’s leader in

GED® prep for a high school diploma



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