High School Credit Recovery

Students enrolled in high school who need to earn a credit to stay on track to graduate or improve a grade of D or F to raise their grade point average may register to be a co-enrolled student with written permission from their high school guidance counselor. Students have access to both an online curriculum and a certified teacher to help explain and guide them through the course. Class attendance is required for tests and teachers are available at regularly scheduled times after school Monday-Thursday at Chiles, Godby, Leon, Lincoln, Rickards and our main campus.

Our classes are free and students can enroll in one recovery class at a time throughout the school year and during the summer term.

Getting Started

To get started in one of our high school credit recovery classes, high school students and/or their parents, should contact their high school guidance counselor. Students are encouraged to co-enroll as soon as they know their grade. This enables them to stay on track and not get behind.

Students who wait too long, or who do not move quickly through the class, often discover they don’t have time to recover their credit or improve their GPA in time to graduate with their class. Our guidance counselor, Travis Jones, can answer any questions you may have about the program and can be reached at 850-717-2030 or at [email protected]

1.) First see your high school counselor and get a co-enrollment form signed by the counselor.

2.)  If you attend Chiles, Godby, Leon, Lincoln or Rickards your guidance counselor will tell you where to take your form. If you attend a private school, or are homeschooled, we have classes for you on our main campus at ACE at 526 Appleyard Dr. To register contact Travis Jones at 850-717-2030.