Principal Regina Browning

Dear ACE Family,

I hope you and your family are doing well during this time school has moved online and we are all staying at home to help fight the spread of the coronavirus.  While I know this is very challenging for many of us, I think it is ultimately best to help flatten the curve.

Our school theme this year is “ONE team, ONE goal, NO excuses”. When we selected this theme in August, I had no idea just how important these three ideas would be for us this year.

Even though we are not meeting for classes in person, we are still a team. When you log in online or participate in a class via Zoom or Microsoft Teams, you’re part of the team. When you talk to your teacher by phone, text a classmate to encourage them, engage with our social media and e-mail your teacher questions, you are not only doing your best to keep learning you are moving toward your goal and supporting the ACE team.

The ACE team shares the common goal of improving our students’ lives through education. This past month has brought significant challenges to achieving our goal as our face-to-face classes changed to other delivery methods. I am proud of our teachers and students who have readily adapted to this challenge and embraced new ways to connect so that teaching and learning can continue!

Our students and teachers are exemplifying the “No Excuses” part of our theme as they refuse to let the coronavirus keep them from continuing toward our goal of improving our students through education. Teachers have quickly adapted to delivering lessons through teleconferencing mediums and are recording their teaching so students can watch them at their convenience. Many of our current students are stepping up to the plate and learning new ways to learn! For students without computers, teachers are finding ways for them to learn on their phones. 

I am proud of our ACE family. It is exciting to see you living out our theme:

“ONE team, ONE goal, No excuses!”