ACE Calendar

Important Dates for Adult & Community Education School Students


2022-2023 School Year

(Students can register for GED & ESOL-English classes online at See GED or ESOL-Class pages for more information.)

August 8 Orientation for GED and ESOL begins
Classes for ALL programs begin August 10
September 5 Labor Day Holiday
September 26 Fall Holiday
October 17 Teacher Planning/Inservice Day (Students Out)
November 11 Veterans Day Holiday
November 21-25 Thanksgiving Holiday (Students & Teachers Out)
December 19-30 Winter Holidays
January 4 Term 2 begins Students and Staff Return
Students return and GED & ESOL-English registration begins for GED® and for English classes. 

Call 850-717-2020 or email [email protected] to confirm an Orientation start date.

January 3

January 10

January 16

Teacher Planning/Inservice Day (Students Out)

Orientation for GED and ESOL begins

Martin Luther King Holiday

February 20 Presidents Day Holiday
March 13-17 Spring Break (Students & Teachers Out)
April 7 Spring Holiday
 May TBD Last Day to register for GED Prep classes
 May TBD Last Day to register for English classes


*Tuition paid on these dates will be applied to Summer Term so students do not have to pay again.
May 24 Last Day of Day of Term 2
May 29 Memorial Day Holiday
June  5 4-day workweek begins (office will be closed on Fridays)
May TBD Summer Term 3 Begins
June TBD Last Day of Summer Term 3
July 27 Last Day of Four-Day Workweek