ACE Calendar

Important Dates for Adult & Community Education School Students


2020-2021 School Year

(Students can register for GED & ESOL-English classes during Orientation which begins on Tuesdays (for GED) and Thursday (for ESOL) of each week except for Nov. 9 and Dec. 7 and 14. See GED or ESOL-Class pages for more information.)

August 25Orientation for GED and ESOL begins
Classes for ALL programs begin August 31
September 7Labor Day Holiday
September 28Fall Holiday
October 30Teacher Planning/Inservice Day (Students Out)
November 11Veterans Day Holiday
November 25-27Thanksgiving Holiday (Students & Teachers Out)
December 21- January 4Winter Holiday
January 5Term 2 begins Students and Staff Return
Students return and GED & ESOL-English registration begins for 

GED® every Tuesday and ESOL-English Orientation begins every Thursday. 


January 15

January 18

Teacher Planning/Inservice Day (Students Out)

Martin Luther King Holiday

February 15Presidents Day Holiday
March 15-19Spring Break (Students & Teachers Out)
No Orientation
March 23Teacher Planning/Inservice Day (Students Out)
March 24Students Return
April 2

April 5

Spring Holiday

Teacher Planning/Inservice Day (Students Out)

April 28 & May 5Last two GED & ESOL Orientations begin
Tuition paid on these dates will be applied to Summer Term so students do not have to pay again.
May 31Memorial Day Holiday
June 10Last Day of Term 2
June 144-day workweek begins (office will be closed on Fridays)
To be DeterminedSummer Term 3 Begins
To be DeterminedLast Day of Summer Term 3
July 29Last Day of Four-Day Workweek