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Malana finds success and a career at ACE

By Martha Clark “I was jumping like a kangaroo,” Malana Smith said when she learned she had passed the final section test of the GED®. The 20-year-old started at ACE in October 2019. She was discouraged because she had tried other GED® classes and found there was little teacher support or help outside of the…

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3 steps to register an underage student for the GED® test

By Candace Gautney We often get questions about minors taking the GED® test. Persons over 18 years of age can register online to take the GED® test at any time. However, the state does not allow minors to register for the test unless they are enrolled in GED® Prep classes and have a waiver signed…

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Micah promised his mom he wouldn’t stop until he graduated!

Seventeen-year-old Micah Xavier Ling is a second-generation Adult & Community Education School graduate and his Mom couldn’t be prouder of him.             “Micah had been telling me for a year he wanted to come to ACE,” his mother, Maggie Patterson, explained. “I didn’t let him come to ACE at first because I was afraid he…

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Brianna found success passing the GED® test when she didn’t give up!

“Don’t ever give up!” Brianna said through tears of joy as she shared her story of passing the GED® test. Brianna’s grandmother and constant encourager, Betty Savage, explained, there were a lot of tears of sorrow. “We both cried every time she didn’t pass that one section of the test.” Brianna chose to enroll in…

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Parents encouraged Wayne to not give up, to enroll in GED® Prep classes

By Martha Clark Encouragement from his parents is what Wayne Phillips Jr. says is the main reason he enrolled in GED® Prep classes to help him earn his high school diploma. If everything had worked perfectly in Wayne’s educational career, he would have graduated in 2018. Like many students, however, everything didn’t go as planned,…

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ACE Graduate Douglas Sutton

From high school goof off to college admissions recruiter

By Martha Clark   The answer to one question helped 30-year-old Douglas Sutton face his fear of school and propel him on a journey for a career. The 2012 Adult & Community School graduate said one day his wife asked him, “If I get pregnant, can you take care of the family?”“At first, I pushed…

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We are Better Together!

By Principal Regina Browning We are thrilled to welcome both new and returning students in Orientation this week where students are learning about many changes! Classes began Aug. 31, but we will continue accepting new and returning students in our GED® Prep and ESOL-English classes throughout the Fall Term. (See our schedule for Orientation here:…

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From ESOL student to ESOL teacher

By Martha Clark ” I could make more money if I knew English,” Maria said. Maria Elena Villagrana worked in a call center in Mexico City in 2005. The 25-year-old’s sister lived in Florida, so she decided to visit long enough to improve her English. Maria planned to return in a year and didn’t even…

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Principal Regina Browning

“ONE team, ONE goal, No excuses!”

Dear ACE Family, I hope you and your family are doing well during this time school has moved online and we are all staying at home to help fight the spread of the coronavirus.  While I know this is very challenging for many of us, I think it is ultimately best to help flatten the…

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